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#1 2017-03-13 07:35:37

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New version v1.0.050

The newest tweeks have been applied and tested.  The new version will be rolling out to the Google Play store in a day or two.

Not a lot to announce, but new in this version is the night time mode Moon TimeLine.  This is the same thing as in the day time version but this one is for night.  The time line starts at Sunset and ends at Sunrise.  You will be able to see the moon travel across the timeline, displaying just how much 'night' is left before the sun comes up.

Pardon my rough text explanation but it will look something like this:

sunset                                                                            sunrise

In the above example, its only been night for a few hours and most of the night is yet to come.  As time goes by, the moon will travel further down the line.  The closer to sunrise we get, the closer to the end of the timeline the moon gets.

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