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Day/Night Modes

The app is smart enough to determine if its daytime or night out, and will act accordingly.  These modes are determined by the local sunrise and sunset times.  These times are accurate to within one minute each day.

The most noticeable difference is the timeline.  While in day time, the timeline will display the SUN and be labeled starting with SunRise on the left at the beginning of the line, and SunSet at the end of the line on the right. Naturally, in night mode it will show the MOON and the labels are reversed, starting with SunSet and ending with SunRise.

Here is a quick example of what night mode will show:

sunset                                                                            sunrise

The time line is located just above the 5 day forecast on the main page, in pretty much the center of the screen.

Other instances of night mode will include the MOON as the main weather graphic instead of the sun, and depending on the time of the month, the Full Moon graphics, at least when the skies are clear enough to see it.  If its a cloudy night and there is a full moon, sorry pal, but just as in real life.. you will see clouds.

Other subtle items will be added as new versions are rolled out.

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