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Documentation to F-Chops WeatherPod

Here is the documentation on how to use the F-Chops WeatherPod android weather app.  It will cover a few basics about the app and have a new user proficient with it in no time.  New users can watch the introduction video on the website as well for a quick overview.

Note : the device must have Location Services/GPS turned ON for this app to work.  Seems obvious enough but so many people just don't seem to get it!

* App Start Up
Once the app starts, it will display the 'splash page' of a tornado and the F-Chops WeatherPod text.  As stated at the bottom of the screen users can simply tap anywhere on the screen to start.  This splash page will change periodically for various holidays but the function will remain the same.  Tap the screen to start.

* Main Screen
This is the screen that the splash page loads, and is the main screen in the app.  It has a search bar at the very top where users can enter any city name on the planet to search for that city's current weather. This is useful especially if you are traveling.


By default, the app will display the weather information of the current location.  If a user travels to a different city and then starts the app, it will momentarily display the information from the previous location, detect that the user is no longer in that location, then detect where the phone is currently and update the page with the weather information for the new current location.

Current Location is defined as where the device currently is located and Displayed Location is defined as the location that is being displayed on the screen.  A user can be located in London, yet search and display the weather for Paris.  There is a difference.

The timelines and 5 day forecasts will always display the information for the displayed location.  This information will always update automatically.

* Toggling Between the Various Screens
There is a lot of information available to you on the various screens of the app.  To change the displays users can press the various icons on the screen.  Most icons all throughout the app have a function, like pressing a button.  There is no swiping side to side in F-Chops WeatherPod at this time.  Up and Down may be added in the future but for now swiping is not supported.

In the upper right hand corner of the main page there is a large icon that displays the current weather condition.  See the image below. This is the 'button' you will press to toggle the screens on the lower half of the main page.  This button displays the current weather, the icon will change with the weather, and the button will toggle the displays regardless of what the current icon is displaying.


At present there are three current screens to choose from.  The default is the 5 day forecast, the second is the general weather summary, and the third is is the 8 hour temperature display.  Screen three will loop back to screen one and display them again in order.

* The 5 Day Forecast Screen
This screen will display basic weather information for the next 5 days, starting with the current day.  The name of the day is displayed, a small icon showing the weather forecast for that day, as well as the High and Low temperatures for that day.  Tapping any of the icons in the 5 day forecast will display a brief text summary of that days weather.  Pressing that days icon again will erase this text.


* The General Summary Screen
The General Summary Screen has 8 different icons showing the current status of each topic.  The 8 items displayed are sunrise time, wind speed and direction, air quality index, sunset time, the toggle between Fahrenheit and Celcius, humidity percentage, rain percentage, and a weather radar.  Each of these 8 features is explained below.


---Sunrise. This icon shows the sunrise time for the current day.  Pressing the icon will change the screen display to the most current photograph of the sun, showing sun spots if any.

---Wind Speed and Direction. This icon shows the current direction of the wind as well as the wind speed.  The numeric value of the wind will change between MPH and KPH by changing the display for fahrenheit and celclius, see below.  Pressing the wind direction icon has no function at this time.

---Air Quality Index. Pressing this icon will change the upper half of the screen display with a graphic representation of the air quality.  Toggle back by pressing this icon again.  The air quality index number displayed is scaled from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Generally, the lower the number the better the air quality.

---Sunset. This icon shows the sunset time for the current day.  Pressing this icon will change to the Moon Phase page, showing a graphic representation of the current phase of the moon.

---Fahrenheit and Celcius. Pressing this icon will change the default display of the app to either fahrenheit or celcius as you see fit. All temperatures, wind speeds, etc. will change to reflect the mode of this toggle.  This setting is remembered when exiting the app.

---Humidity. The current humidity for the current location is displayed as a percentage.  Pressing this icon has no function at this time.

---Precipitation. This icon displays the percentage for any precipitation for the displayed location.  Pressing this icon will load the hidden Stinkin' Badges page.

---Radar. Pressing this icon will load the live real time weather radar.  It may take a moment or two for the screen to load the actual animations for the radar, depending on your connection speed and the amount of information to load.

* 8 Hour Temperature Display
This displays a graphic representation of the temperature forecasted for the next 8 hours of the current location.  This graph makes it easy to see if the temperature is expected to get hotter than it already is, or cooler.  Tapping the graph has no function.


Main Screen Footer
There are three icons at the bottom of the main screen.  These icons are the Refresh icon, the Settings icon, and the Quit icon.  Each icon performs its own seperate functions.


The Refresh button will clear the screen, reload any weather information that is currently displayed, and change the location to the current location of the device regardless of what location is being displayed.

The Settings button will load the settings page where users have the option to change the colors on the app, leave reviews, load the F-Chops webpage, as well as other features.

The Quit button will save your changes and information and then close the app.

visit us at for the latest info on F-Chops WeatherPod for android


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