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The Stinkin' Badges Explained

Stinkin' Badges

You do too need Stinkin' Badges.  The F-Chops Stinkin' Badges check in page is a fun way to keep track of the weather.  You can even play against your friends to see who can get the most badges, or the most points.

Its easy to play.  Simply click the CHECK IN icon at the top center of the page, and depending on the weather outside, you can earn points and unlock badges.  Each badge is worth a certain amount of points, some more than others.  Some badges are easy to earn like the First Check In badge, and others are a bit harder to earn like the 1000 Points badge.  There are currently 28 different badges to earn, and no one has earned them all yet!


You can check in as many times as you want, however you must wait one minute between each check in.  Each check in, no matter what happens, is worth one point plus any additonal points you may earn for unlocking a badge, etc.  You will see the point total at the top of the screen count up each time.

For most of the badges, the number in the middle of the badge shows how many times you have checked in for that badge.  These numbers will go up each time you check in too.  For example, if you check in on a clear sunny day, the number in the Clear Skies badge will increment by one.  Check in on any badge 100 times and you will see the "100" level appear.  This level will increase with each 100 times that you check in for that badge.  There are some exceptions.. the 10, 25, 50, 250 and 500 etc. badges do not increment in levels. The 1000 Point badge however, increments for each 1000 points you earn.

Tap any badge that you earn to see a description for it, just in case you don't remember which badge is which.  The First Check In badge will even tell you the total number of times you have checked in.  This number can add up pretty quick if you check in a lot.

Most badges will unlock depending on  the local weather.  Others will unlock on special holidays, like St. Patricks Day for example.  These holiday badges are worth more points as they are only available once a year.  Still others will unlock on special events such as a full moon.  The full moon badge is not worth as much as the St. Patricks Day badge but it is worth more than most weather related badges, as it will only unlock a few days each month.

There are plenty of badges to earn, plenty of points to earn, and if you have more points than your friends then you earn the bragging rights!  So check in early, and check in often.


- The Stinkin' Badge database is currently stored locally on your device.  If you get a new phone, the data remains on the old one and you will be starting over.  There are plans in the future to store this data on the cloud, making it available to you from any device.  Switching phones will not be a problem at that time.

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