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#1 2017-04-07 15:13:22

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Ding Dong, Texas

Is there really a DING DONG, TX?  As a matter of fact there is. 

Why does it matter to the F-Chops WeatherPod app?  If the app ever displays the location of Ding Dong, TX then there is an issue with the app finding the current location.  It does not know where you are and defaults to Ding Dong.  Either that or you really are in Ding Dong, Texas.


Things to check for include the GPS setting on the app.. is it turned on?  This is the most common reason that the app cannot determine the current location.  Turn on GPS and refresh the app, or let it refresh on its own.

You can also simply hit the Refresh button anytime.. sometimes the app simply hiccups when starting and a quick refresh will get you back on track.

If neither of these tricks work, close the app and try a different app that uses the GPS on the phone to see if the location services work there.  If not then there is probably an issue with the phone that will need to be addressed.  If GPS is working for other apps then don't be shy about posting below and give us a few details, we should be able to work it out for you.  Other users may benefit from your issue as well.


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