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#1 2017-09-04 18:14:10

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Do not fall for the scam that is being passed around to a group of developers on the Google Play Store. 

A scam about a supposed copyright infringement is being passed around, claiming that all of our apps infringe on a copyright (that has not even been granted yet) and demanding that we pay them a royalty fee.  I wrote back to the only email address provided (the one that we are supposed to wire money to) and called their bluff.

Now they are peppering my Google Play Store page with bad 1 star reviews.  I received 5 in a row, all in one day.. when we barely get one regular review a month as it is.  The things supposedly complained about are proven wrong if the uses would even read the description or look at the screen shots.

Please do not let these reviews discourage you from trying our app.  We are working with the Google Play Store to see if these bogus reviews can be removed.

visit us at for the latest info on F-Chops WeatherPod for android


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