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#1 2016-11-24 13:24:34

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Build up your Page Ranking in Google

Here’s one of my favorite link building tactics:

Google+ is a bonanza of link building opportunities right now. In particular, Google+ Communities make it REALLY easy to get dofollow links from high authority pages. Many of the most popular Communities have high PageRank, in the 5 or 6 range, so these are significant links.

Now, you could just post your link to these Communities, but many of them are heavily moderated and frown upon people dropping external links. What you can do instead is find high authority Communities and regularly post in them. Many of the most popular Communities (you can find a list of the top Communities at are about images and humor, so this can be as simple as regularly sharing your favorite memes to these Communities.

Every time you post, you get a dofollow link back to your Google+ profile, and every time that content is shared by other people, you also get a backlink. This can be done as an individual profile or with a Google+ page. Over time, your page or profile will acquire a ton of PageRank, at which point you can post whatever you want for an instant backlink.

We did this last year with our company page, posting funny images and gifs to relevant Communities, and within a few months we were able to get our Google+ page up to PR4. Now we can post links whenever we want to our page for some instant link juice!

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